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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sixth Adjustment - December 31, 2008

I took some pics the morning BEFORE the appointment, so here's what my mouth looked like with the wires and powerchain from the previous adjustment (November 20th) but after about a month of movement:

My braced smile. Notice there is no gap between my central upper incisors; it closed pretty quickly with the powerchain on.

Upper arch - nice and rounded at last!

Lower arch - SO much better than it ever had been.

Some nice side-by side comparisons. All that progress in not quite a year...

The gap in my upper arch was gone, but this rather noticeable separation had developed on the lower. I knew what was in store...

My last adjustment of 2008 was pretty straightforward. I saw Dr. F again, and he left in the wires from the previous time. Still .018 x .025 on top and .017 x .025 (reverse curve) on the bottom. As I had suspected - and actually hoped - they put a powerchain on my lower arch to close the new gap. I asked, and was dubiously granted, freedom from my upper powerchain for the reason that the big gap had closed, and I was fond of the small triangle left between my front teeth. To close it completely would eliminate a lifetime's worth of sucking air through it when I was nervous or concentrating on something. *g*

I also talked with Dr. F about my accelerated schedule, an agreement I'd actually come to with Dr. D before he retired. Dr. F could make no promises - and I couldn't expect him to - but said he'd try to have me out by May. I told him I'd rather be in a little bit of pain, if necessary, and move things quicker.

From this point, the pace of adjustments was to pick up. My next was scheduled for February 4th, just over a month away.

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