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Monday, December 31, 2007

More info on Damons

Certain posters on the Metal Mouth Forum over at ArchWired.com - my main braces haunt - make it a point to inform everyone who mentions the Damon system that it is "really NO different" than traditional metal brackets with elastic ligatures. They even cite quotes from a few orthos ostensibly (I think the wording is a little more vague than the point the posters are trying to make, but maybe that's just me) supporting that view.

I've seen it enough to be a little annoyed about it. Dang it, I want to be excited about my braces!

But on the whole it doesn't bother me. MY ortho is convinced it's the best option for me, and I did my own research on it and have confidence it's the right thing to do.

Then today I noticed this article posted up on the ArchWired front page:

Using the Damon Bracket System

The author, Rowe, got his DMD from Harvard and his MS from Michigan. He's president-elect of the Massachusetts Association of Orthodontics. Dude knows whereof he speaks. *g*

And he speaks highly of Damons. He, like my ortho, is convinced it is a "smoother, more consistent treatment with better results than ever". Especially for adults.

So as I get ready to head into this full gear - my records/x-rays/impressions appointment is this Thursday! - it was a nice little boost to my excitement and confidence.

Bring it on!

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